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How Can I Get the Experience if You Won’t Let Me Have the Job…: The Secret of Getting Your First Job

Kindle Edition

Getting your first job is no easy feat! This book is intended to be a quick read and designed for those who need the basic information to land their first job. It’s frustrating for today’s first-time job seeker. You get “pumped for the interview” only to find someone say: “You need experience, call me when you have it.” And then you say, “How do I get the experience if you will not let me have the job?” Experience seems to be the key criteria, but it does not always guarantee success in a job.

There is a rule of thumb: A recruiter’s decision is made up of three elements: experience, education, and personal qualities. If you can maximize your personal qualities, then you can offset the other criteria and get that job. These personal qualities include: initiative, dependability, follow-through, trainability, communication, achievement, problem solving, and attitude. So, strap in! This book will take you on a practical journey through each step in the employment process. We hope you will be left with a compelling life force at the end of this book that will raise your self-confidence and allow you to reach your goal to GET

PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification

All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition
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